Charles Duncan O'Neal Highway, Barbados

Government of Barbados

Completion date

Engineering Services
Foundation investigations and assessment, least-cost designs, route selection, highway design including the appropriate structural road cross-sections to match various existing conditions, horizontal and vertical alignments, tender documents, resident engineering services and project management.

CEP was responsible for undertaking the engineering designs, the preparation of construction and contract documents for this 13 km long highway that acts as the main transportation artery for the northern section of Barbados. The structural design of the roads included Bankelman Beam tests and the use of least cost designs to determine whether to use rigid or flexible pavements

Resident engineering services were also provided over the entire duration of the project which was completed on time.

Significant temporary drainage arrangements had to be used during construction to channel storm water flows during heavy rainfall events, to prevent flooding of homes in the built-up areas, and to prevent serious damage to the completed Works.