Civil Engineering

Highways & Transportation

We specialize in rigid and flexible pavement designs for all types of traffic. CEP's involvement with the runway at the Grantley Adams International Airport, started in 1970, when we assisted HNTB with a comprehensive investigation of all of the airside pavements, including their construction history. In 1998, CEP designed and provided construction details for new airside pavements and the rehabilitation of the existing runway, taxiways and aprons. This work was completed in 1999 and has performed extremely well up to the present time.

We also specialize in the design of highways and roads, including horizontal and vertical alignments. CEP has participated in a range of transportation projects throughout the Caribbean islands, including Anguilla, Guyana, St Lucia, St Vincent, Dominica, Grenada, Trinidad and the Cayman Islands. Our Carlson Civil software automatically produces cross-sections and quantities of cut and fill which, with our experience on site investigations in the various islands, allows us to produce economical designs. In addition, CEP can also provide design services separately for storm water drainage, water supply and sanitary sewer systems. The possible recycling of liquid wastes is high on our agenda, using methods such as rotating biological contactors & membrane bioreactors.

CEP has provided engineering services for marine and other coastal projects. We supplied the assistant resident engineer for a new jetty which was built at Plymouth in Montserrat. Some designs and the supervision of construction work were also done by CEP for various other marine projects in several of the Caribbean islands, including Mustique and St Vincent.