Structural Engineering

The aim of structural engineering is to safely design structures using a range of materials to be stable and strong to withstand a range of forces imposed upon them in an economical manner. As structural engineers, CEP strives to uphold this ethos while at the same time making every effort to provide responsive solutions that allow clients to realize their goals. We do so through our creative and imaginative thinking which allows us to deliver solutions that maximize value to all our clients.

The Caribbean region is a natural hazard area that is characterized by hurricanes and seismic events. As a result, CEP has developed particular expertise in designing structures to mitigate the effects of these hazards. We employ our in-house expertise combined with the latest advances in computer technology to assist us. CEP personnel have been instrumental in developing many of the structural design codes used in the Caribbean. We bring this insight to bear on all our projects and this results in more robust structural schemes.

As one of the pre-eminent engineering consultancies in the Caribbean, we have also helped to raise the standard of structural engineering. For instance, CEP has played an important role in the introduction of modern building techniques in the areas of shell and plate structures, space frames, precast and prestressed concrete.

CEP is flexible in its approach to projects both in our relations with our clients, and our method of tackling engineering problems. We assemble our engineering teams to provide each project with the optimum mix of skills.